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As the entire world is going online, amidst the changing digital marketing landscape, have you tapped the potential of Pay Per Click aka PPC yet? Did you know, PPC can boost traffic to your website, increase your sales manifold, control your advertising budget, enhance your brand recognition with remarketing? But wait, that’s not it, we are just getting started on the perks of PPC. While you only pay ‘for the clicks’, you can also analyze your ad performance in real-time. Isn’t that awesome? All you need is a right marketing agency which can help you nail the PPC game. MediaF5 is a PPC services company that delivers a bundle of professional PPC services from PPC consultation Google Adwords, Display Advertising to leveraging social media for PPC. We have got everything you need in one bucket. Are you ready to fly high with PPC?

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MediaF5 has a highly experienced team of PPC experts, who work closely with your team to cater all your advertising requirements with strategic & customized PPC campaigns to take your business to a next level. We make data-driven decisions, create compelling content, infuse creativity in campaigns, and strategize the entire funnel to convert visitors into customers. Your quest for a partner ends here as MediaF5 does everything you wish, need, and want!


Google Adwords

We strategize effective paid search campaigns focused on meeting your target cost per sale or lead and capitalize on highly focused keyword research. Increase your brand awareness to attract instant traffic with Adwords. We have a dedicated team of Google Adwords specialists who can help you create and optimize campaigns across a wide range of industries. Our Google Adwords services focus on,

  • Sales Funnel
  • Lead-to-sale Ratio
  • Visit-to-lead Ratio
  • Profit Margins


Bing Ads

Generate more leads and high traffic for your business from netizens who don’t use Google. Bing Ads enjoy low competition with cheaper CPC’s and offer granular control at the campaign and ad group levels. With a search ads display, exhibit your ad alongside the organic search listings. With content ads, experience more flexibility and broader reach for your ads. With Product ads, showcase your offerings on the Bing search results page incorporating images, promotional text, prices, and name of your company. Our Bing Ads services focus on,

  • Standard Text ads
  • Content ads
  • Product ads
  • Device Targeting
  • Geographic Location
  • Demographic Segregation


Facebook Advertising

Leverage the potential of Facebook with our Facebook advertising services to redefine your PPC journey. Let our experts run your FB advertising campaigns for brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, leads, and conversions. We can help you generate high engagement on organic and boosted FB posts to accelerate the referral traffic to your website. Our Facebook Advertising services focus on,

  • Strategizing ad Campaigns
  • Brand Awareness
  • Scaling Campaigns
  • Optimize ad Clicks
  • High Leads and Conversions


LinkedIn Advertising

As LinkedIn is a goldmine of corporate information, LinkedIn ads are getting a lot of momentum to reach the professional audience on features like occupation, job title, company name, location, and whatnot. Our LinkedIn advertising process starts with understanding your business operations, ascertaining your business goals, developing a LinkedIn ad strategy, executing strategy, and monitoring the results. Our LinkedIn Advertising services focus on,

  • Ad Strategy
  • Ad Development
  • Ad Monitoring
  • Ad Optimization
  • Ad Monitoring and Reporting



Recapture the users who visited your website but didn’t convert. MediaF5 targets your visitors with Search and Display Remarketing on Google, Facebook Remarketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Social Media Advertising like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads. Create an uninterrupted advertising experience for your customers and clients with remarketing ads that align well with your brand. We can help you choose the best ad type, target the right audience, optimize duration and frequency, and maximize business performance. Our Remarketing services focus on,

  • Website Clicks
  • Website Conversions
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Overall Awareness


E-Commerce Advertising

Make your brand popular E-Commerce Advertising. Exceed your ad targets and outperform your rivals with paid search, social media advertising, Amazon advertising, Google and Bing shopping.MediaF5 is a full-fledged e-commerce marketing agency that provides comprehensive marketing strategies to take your ecommerce business to new horizons. Our E-Commerce Advertising services focus on,
Our 3D Animation services include:

  • Growth-driven Strategy
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Google ads and Facebook ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Display ads


PPC Audit

With the PPC audit, we examine your paid search accounts and review your past performance to ensure everything is on track. We analyze keywords, impression share, click through rate, ad text, mobile targeting, landing pages, quality score, whatnot. Along with these insights, our team prepares an in-depth report and does SWOT analysis to understand your business goals, and target audience to help you enhance performance. Our PPC Audit services focus on,

  • Campaign Structure Analysis
  • Ad Group Analysis
  • Keywords Audit
  • Ad Copy and Landing Pages
  • Impression Share
  • Budget and Bid Management


PPC Consulting

MediaF5 provides a turnkey approach to PPC to make it easier for you to advertise across Google, Bing, and more. We focus on everything from keyword research, ads creation, tracking and conversions, landing pages to monitoring. When customers search relevant keywords on search engines like Google, we can help you rank high on search engines. Our PPC Consulting services focus on,

  • Promotion of your website on Google Adwords or Bing Ads
  • Campaign strategization and creation
  • Budget and bids management
  • Promotion with targeted messages


Display Advertising

With our display advertising services, MediaF5 helps you proliferate your brand reach with visually appealing and eye-catching ads to retarget your audience and monitor results in real time. Boost your brand awareness, offline sales, website visits, leads, and conversion rates with display advertising. We take strategic steps that include contextual targeting, direct placement, search behaviour analysis, competitive analysis, site targeting, and topic based advertising to help you propel your business growth. Our Display Advertising services focus on,

  • Build brand awareness and trust
  • Banner ads, interstitial ads, rich media, video ads
  • Campaign Creation and Management
  • Media Management
  • Display Advertising inclusive of all verticals.
  • Strategy to formulate the best distribution channel
  • Analyzing the progress of campaign
  • Paid Social Initiatives


PPC Landing Page Creation

Accelerate your sales, and attract more clicks to drive your revenue upward with powerful PPC landing pages. After a PPC campaign, when your users click on one of your ads, your landing page should be captivating to compel them to take action. MediaF5 focuses on creating state-of-the-art landing pages that are consistent with your brand identity and voice to disseminate a strong copy that delights your end-users. Our PPC Landing Page Creation services focus on,

  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Website Redesigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Professional-looking Landing Page
  • Target audience’s language
  • Solid CTAs
  • ROI maximization


PPC Ad Copywriting

We create strong ads that attract clicks and conversions with expert PPC copywriting. Our team has expertise in keywords, and search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your conversion rate as PPC copywriting is quintessential for composing high-quality pay-per-click ads. Turn clicks into conversions with PPC ad copywriting services. Our PPC Ad Copywriting services focus on,

  • Trending PPC copywriting techniques
  • Customized campaigns for clients
  • Quality PPC landing page copywriting
  • Incorporating SEO techniques in PPC
  • Seamless and effective campaigns


Lead Generation

Lead generation can kickstart your business marketing efforts. Experience high conversion rates with lead-gen strategies especially crafted as per your demographic, geographical and budgetary needs. Choose the offering you wish to receive prospects on and pay only for the leads that are actually received. We will help you drive your leads with powerful email marketing, content marketing, guest posting, and social media marketing. Generate quality leads to give your brand the exposure it deserves. Our lead generation services focus on,

  • B2B lead generation
  • B2C lead generation
  • Inbound lead generation
  • Outbound lead generation


How is MediaF5 an ideal PPC services company for you?

MediaF5 has a team of adept PPC specialists, who are highly experienced in strategizing, planning, executing, and optimizing PPC campaigns across a wide range of industries. We first decipher your business model, and align your business goals with digital marketing needs to better manage your sales funnel, the lead-to-sale ratio, visit-to-lead ratio, and profit margins. Experience the finest PPC services that will leave you awestruck.

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Emilia Clarke
Media F5 is one of the finest digital marketing agencies that I have worked with. The team is very professional and result oriented, which made our business really grow as expected. Thank you, guys.
Jacob Francis
Emilia Clarke
Working with Media F5 is a really professional experience for our organization. The team is clear about what can be done and how can be done, something every business needs to know. Great job.
Mira Shrivastav
Emilia Clarke
The way Media F5 has managed our social media activities and digital optimization, I really wish to thank Harsh and his team. It has been a great experience working with them.
The Fern
Sasan Gir

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